Make your Twitter Timeline now chronological

The algorithmic timeline of Twitter which was announced in 2016 was something that was boycotted since it made its debut and the company has finally given in to the complaints of users.

Twitter announced on Monday that users can toggle between the algorithmic timeline, the one which allows a user to view tweets according to relevance and the chronological timeline. Before Twitter’s change on Monday, there was an option to turn off “Show the best tweets first” in your settings. What this did instead was display tweets in “Reverse” Chronological order.

Twitter recently tweeted one can switch between the two modes in “Content preferences” as can be seen below. Twitter support also clarified their main goals associated with the algorithmic timeline, which was to get the best tweets a user was likely to care about, but what it ended up doing was showing tweets a friend or follower might have liked or retweeted.

timeline fix twitterTwitter has said that hardly anyone (<2%) opts out of reordering, implying that algorithmic timeline has a lot of benefits.

The new feature will help a user to filter out the tweets from people they don’t necessarily want to hear from.

Meanwhile this is what users had to say :

Twitter surely got some users with a sense of humor! Some users also worked their way around the previous timeline:

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