OnePlus 6T retail box leaked: Here’s what we Know

Key features of upcoming phone have been revealed if it’s true!

OnePlus 6 has been in the market for four months now and it’s got users already waiting for the next new flagship by OnePlus! If the rumors hold up, OnePlus 6T would be coming out soon. How soon are we talking? As soon as within the next two months!

Android Pure has come across what appears to be the retail box of the leaked 6T.

OnePlus 6T
 Retail Box

The box didn’t have much information in it, but we still managed to figure out a few key features.

The key features include an in-display fingerprint sensor and a water-drop camera. Vivo nex also has the same feature and that gives it a very futuristic appeal to it. With OnePlus doing the same thing, it would mean a big change in the smartphone industry. Right now, we know nothing more about the upcoming phone more than this. The catchphrase “Unlock the Speed” may be the new slogan for the phone, but it may even change.

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