Kriti Sanon breaks the internet: Find out how!!

In the ravaged wastelands of the internet, no man/woman is safe, so to prove it today is actress Kriti Sanon who featured in Dilwale(2015), Raabta(2017) and Bareilly Ki Barfi(2017) who was recently attacked online by Instagrammmers who were livid over her portrayal of a taxidermied giraffe at Aynhoe Park, England during her photo shoot for the cover of the issue of Cosmopolitan India.

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The actress as portrayed in the picture above posed with the preserved body of this giraffe in what was supposed to be Kriti Sanon’s expression on women empowerment.

Intended messages aside this picture took avid Instagram users by shock as they went onto savagely attack the actress’ intentions online accusing her work and the magazine as ‘disturbing’, ‘cruel’ and of ‘sending a wrongful message’.

“I’m not someone who gets angry easily, but when I read about atrocities against women, it really upsets me.” Meet our cover girl @kritisanon being her candid self in our August issue.✨ PS: Aynhoe Park features taxidermy, hundreds of years old, most from museums. Taxidermy is the art of preserving an animal that died of natural causes, for academic purposes. The giraffe featured here is floating (not hanging, heavens no!) with balloons on its back. An art installation, in what is possibly one of the eclectic yet most majestic mansions in the world. PPS: Cosmo loves, no, is obsessed with animals. We were, possibly, the first magazine in India to ban the featuring of fur, three years ago. No animals were harmed before, during, or after this shoot. We may be guilty of watching too many puppy videos during work hours, though. Photograph: @andrewwoffinden; styling: @zunailimalik; hair: @aasifahmedofficial; makeup: @adrianjacobsofficial using @facescanada; location courtesy: @aynhoepark; production: @viennafilms Kriti is wearing – high neck top, @hm; pants, @431_88; stilettos, Red Label Collection, @bata.india; necklace: @swarovski #KritiSanon #OnlyInCosmo #CosmoIndia

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What appears strikingly absurd is the fact that Kriti Sanon and Cosmopolitan India have been forced into a difficult situation by very difficult people on the internet, for allegedly supporting animal abuse in what is in reality really an old art exhibition.

Aynhoe Park is an old restored mansion with many such taxidermied animals many of them centuries old, the giraffe above is no exception ‘Taxidermy is the practice of preserving an animal that has died of natural causes’ this is the truth that Cosmopolitan India went on air to confirm. Meanwhile however the rage spewing Domino Effect went on online.

“So disturbing and distasteful @cosmoindia @peta please comment. Taxidermy or not, this is wrong on so many levels.” read one comment.

Another in a much light hearted tone read ‘What the hell Cosmo?! This picture is sickening. Real or not, you’re endorsing cruelty towards animals. Don’t be a piece of s#%t. Absolutely disgusting!!!’

Several Instagrammers have also demanded that the picture be taken down and that Kriti Sanon ‘apologize’ for an action that most of these people do not fully understand themselves either.

“No animals were harmed before, during or after the shoot” read the excerpt from Sanon’s photo shoot but it was too late.

The worst part being that the entire point of the cover illustration has been missed, the topic of women empowerment never came up in the minds of the fickle public, who were far to busy being enraged by an otherwise non abusive practice.

In today’s age people are far more hostile and unwilling to be tolerant more than ever, let us hope you do not do the same.

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Or look up Aynhoe Park and understand what Taxidermy is about?

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