Hima Das: Golden Girl of India searched for all the wrong reasons!

hima das

Hima Das, the 18 year old athlete of India became the first Indian to win a Gold medal in a track event at the World Junior Athletics Championships in 2018. Yet, the most searched thing about her, is her caste. You heard us right, this woman went all the way to Finland, worked hard to put India on the map and what do people from back home do? Search for her caste more than the amazing feats she has achieved.

Everybody thinks Hima Das is a well known star back home, when nobody knew about her till July 12. Hima was no star till then, she didn’t exist. So when she started creating waves in the athletics world, everybody wanted to know who she really was. It’s bad enough that none of us knew her already, and to think, most searched query about her, is the caste. This isn’t the first time an athlete was looked at with caste glasses on. Remember when the same thing happened with P.V. Sindhu?

Now all of these shenanigans probably don’t even matter to Hima Das and P.V.Sindhu, but this just shows just how deeply rooted the caste system of India is. It has become a part of us now, and there’s no going back.

Hima Das
This tweet by Indian Express shows the most searched thread

The Netizens of India have shown deep anguish regarding this matter on Twitter. The burning question of the hour is, if so many people are enraged, who is really searching for her caste? Is it the same people who express anger on the issue? Or is it the “rural, illiterate” people? Is hypocrisy one of our biggest problems too?

Hima Das clocked in at 51.46 secs to win the gold. The Prime Minister of our country heartily congratulated the Golden Girl of our country for her big win. We are proud of you Hima Das, and you don’t need any approval from 1.2 billion people of this country, when you have warm wishes from the whole world! Shine on!

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