Dhadak Review: Fresh faces make for a refreshing movie

but lacks an instant appeal that Sairat didn’t


Dhadak is a Hindi language musical tragic romance movie which is a remake of a marathi movie ‘Sairat’.

The story revolves around a rich “upper caste” girl who is the daughter of a rich hotelier and a “lower caste” boy. This story touches upon the deep under-rooted caste system of India. However, it is nothing out of ordinary and according to The Wire “Robs Sairat of all its Anger and Magic”. Film critics and audience immediately drew parallels between Sairat because Dhadak failed to live upto Sairat’s standard.

According to critics Jahnvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter can’t enliven even a comatose movie. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that they aren’t potentially bright future stars. Here’s what the Twitterati had to say about the movie.

dhadak dhadak dhadak

After watching ‘Dhadak’ most people went ‘The f***’. The future is bright for these young stars, but this movie? Nah, not so much.


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