11 Lions found dead in Gujarat’s Gir Forest

Carcasses of 11 lions were found in East region of Gir Forest. For administrative purpose, the Gir forest has been divided in east and west parts.

A carcass of a lioness was found in a forest near Rajula of Amreli district Wednesday, while three more lions were found dead the same day in Dalkhaniya range area in the Gir forest, a senior official said.

Viscera samples of dead animals has been sent to Junagadh Veterinary Hospital and now the officials are waiting for results.Image result for gir lions dead

Dr Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Additional chief secretary of the Forest and Environment Department said that eight deaths were due to infighting, but for the rest three, post-mortem reports will reveal more information. He also said that principal chief conservator of forest will conduct an inquiry into these deaths.

gir lions
Lions of Gir Forest, Gujarat

“Most of the deaths are due to infighting and injuries caused thereby, mainly affecting cubs and females. This trend is being noticed over a period of three to four years. No foul play or suspicion is suspected,” added PCCF wildlife A K Saxena

MP of Rajya Sabha Parimal Nathwani has also issued a probe into the matter to see if the deaths of lions were caused by electrocution, poisoning or poaching.

“The news that bodies of four dead lions have been found in the last few days-three in Dalkhaniya range of Gir forest and one in Rajula is saddening and unfortunate. It is feared that total 11 lions may be dead and rest of the bodies have not yet been found. If true, it is alarming and calls for authorities to investigate the cause and book culprits,” said Nathwani.

As of 2015 census, Gir has 520 lions, which is now reduced down to 509.

We hope appropriate actions soon take place.

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