10 plus sized Models you should Follow on Instagram today!

In Featured : Tanesha Awasthi, Founder – Girl with Curves

plus sized model
In Featured : Tanesha Awasthi - Blogger, Girl with Curves

Gone are the days when being skinny and thin were the only things in fashion. Today is all about being body positive. You can be pear shaped, hour-glassed, toned or curvy, this world is for you to flaunt your body. Skinny models and bloggers get their fair share of spotlight, so, here we present 10 Plus Sized Fashion Icons of Instagram. Follow them to know what’s trending!

1. Chastity Garner Valentine from Garner Style

A fashion blogger who is also a Digital Influencer, Chastity is a bold dresser and likes to try out new things. If you’re bored with dressing plain Jane, follow her fashion tips!

plus sized chastity

Follow her here!

2. Gia Kashyap from Gia Says That

“As a child I was always inspired by colors” reads the first sentence on her blog. Not to be taken lightly, Gia was a fashion designer since she was 15. Her bright, baggy tops complimenting her quirky colorful persona.

Follow her here!

3. Jay Miranda from pinklip

Residing in sunny California, the consultant/writer/mom’s fondness of all things pink will leave you tickled pink with her drive for creativity, inspired storytelling and unwavering air of professionalism. To the budding bloggers she has plenty of good blogging tips on her eponymous blog ‘Jay Miranda’

Follow her here!

4. Aashna Bhagwani from Beyond That Bouffant

Hailing from Pune, this body positive model has a knack for all things dressy, from dark floral onesies to body clinging camo’s showing off what most others would shy away from. She even appeared on the Grazia promotion of ‘In love with the curves’ and regularly instagrams reccomended beauty products.

Follow her here!

5. Ishleen Sethi from the_curvy_princess

Starting off as a freelancer in 2013. Ishani made herself a place in the hearts of aspiring ‘plus sized’ fashionistas with her makeup tutorials, fashion tips and gastronomical knowhow; daily! The Delhite does indeed indeed know what’s up, her sense of the vogue that is.

Follow her here!

6. Payal Soni from Plus So What

Whether it’s pale dungarees or a silken and white gown. This Instagram model looks the ‘plus size’ badge square in the eye, and wears it proudly. If you doubt yourself, do look her up on her Facebook page for an inspirational rush.

Follow her here!

7. Tanvi G Ravishankar from the chubby twirler

Shine on you crazy plus sized diamond! Tanvi is a smashing dresser who believes that fashion is for everyone with a wide range of styles, you need only the confidence to pull it off, and it sure does show. Add to the mix her product reviews and compelling life stories there you go.

Follow her here!

8. Ragini from A Curious Fancy

Ragini is a curious fancy indeed. Her eye for the vintage style sets her apart from many regular models with her eccentric character and enthusiasm for all things DIY. The spirit of old school lives on through thee ye body positive, plus sized style maniac.

Follow her here!

9. Tanesha Awasthi from Girl with Curves

The founder of the award winning blog ‘Girl with Curves’, Tanesha’s work goes not just into a fine plus size model but also advice into living well in motherhood by never forgetting that style and responsibility need never be compromised for either.

Follow her here!

10. Sydney Sparkles from A Plus Sized Barbie

Could you still enjoy dressup regardless of your waistline? Well Sydney Sparkles blows that question out of the water with a “YES!” alright. The Aussie’s Retro Pop style and ‘never say die’ keep her afloat amongst the waves of body shaming sharks out to get the rest of us. Oh by the way, if it’s pink, it’s hers! Sydney can currently be found on the homepage of industry-leader Pinup Girl Clothing.

Follow her here!

So what are you waiting for? Go back to your Instagram page today and follow these gorgeous ladies for fashion advice today!

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